Cobalt – Japan trade of cobalt sulfate

Cobalt sulfate

Cobalt sulfate is a chemical compound that has various uses in different industries. Some of the common uses are: 

  • Cobalt sulfate can act as a catalyst or a precursor for the synthesis of other cobalt compounds, such as cobalt oxide, cobalt hydroxide, and cobalt carbonate. These compounds have various applications in batteries, magnets, sensors, and catalysts. 
  • As a source of cobalt in metal plating and electroplating processes. Cobalt sulfate can form a protective layer on metal surfaces that prevents corrosion and enhances appearance. 
  • As a pigment and colorant in ceramics, glass, paints, and textiles.


Data from Delta Analysis and International Trade Center.

To download the data, click the cloud in the right corner at the bottom of the figure.

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