Simplified insights from a complex universe of data

We scour for data, comb through it, simplify it and deliver clear, timely and easy to understand insights that you need to make better business decisions.


Make business decisions with up-to-date data, giving you an invaluable edge.


Find, extract and simplify data to deliver clear, concise and actionable insights.


Automate processes to free your staff’s time and save money in the long term.

Cloud data management and analytics for associations

DORSy will allow your organization to transition to the cloud. Clean your data, centralize your analytics and optimize processes with our team of specialists to get the most of your data and make better decisions.

Data management

Organize, tidy and give a proper structure to data provided by the client or available on the internet to take advantage of it, analyze it or use it to make decisions.


We produce custom reports built with data collected from online sources, such as monthly bulletins from governmental institutions or statistics agencies. Our teams uses the power of machine learning and deep learning algorithms to produce better insights.


We can survey stakeholders to produce new data sets and process the data almost in real time based on pre-set parameters.

Custom Dashboards

Visualize data via custom Dashboards to analyze your data or embed it in your website. It is possible to show them in our platform as a “Data Set”, which can be open access or private.

Our clients

Driving technology for multi-stakeholders associations

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